5 Reasons Why You Need To Select a Fully-Hosted E-Commerce Platform

Starting an online business requires most of your time. You cannot start this business without a plan. The plan will direct you on how to run it successfully without errors. You will easily know the design you want for your site as well as the features that will enhance your business functionality. With this, you will get a chance to choose an e-commerce platform that will match with your business. You will know whether to use the self-hosted or fully hosted platform. The self-hosted comes with no features. You need to use a third party to integrate your website with some essential features. For the fully hosted platform, you will find all the features. Let’s have a clear view of the benefits of using a fully-hosted platform:

You will save money

Do you want to expand your business? If yes, you need to find ways that will enable you to save money. With this, you will add products to your online store. Having a fully-hosted e-commerce platform is essential because it is easy to use. You will draft a professional website without involving a designer. Because the designers charge a tremendous amount of money, going for a hosted platform will be an advantage. These platforms have a drag and drop editor to enable you to transfer the elements to your places of choice. Also, most of these platforms are cheap. They come with an affordable price to allow anyone including the small businesses to use them.

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You will save money

You will get 24/7 customer support

At times it becomes difficult to set up your store using an e-commerce platform. You can encounter challenges and need someone to help you fix the issues. Some problems can lead to losses if you fail to set them quickly. Hence, having someone to help you is crucial. You will run your business without errors. In this essence, a hosted platform should be your consideration. It will attend your issues at the right time.

A hosted-platform will provide you with a high level of security

A hosted- e-commerce platform does not require a lot of coding. It comes with advanced features. The security is among the features you will get. This powerful ecommerce solution for your online business will host your site on the reliable server to prevent losses. As you know, at times when you get an opportunity to choose a hosting provider, you might pick one that is not reliable,and you can encounter losses. To avoid this, you need a platform that will protect your business information as well as those of your customers.

You will effectively market your products at little or no costs

Marketing is essential in every business. You will find your potential customers without challenges. With a hosted-e-commerce platform, you will market your products with ease. These platforms come with great marketing tools to help you with this. They have the SEO which targets the search engine users. Also, most of them integrate with large marketplaces like the Amazon and eBay to allow you to sell your products quickly.

With a hosted-platform, you will create a responsive website without challenges

If you want to sell your products quickly, you need to ensure that the customers find your site with ease. You can achieve this by using a hosted-e-commerce platform. Most of the platforms come with a variety of responsive templates to allow you to create a website that will look perfect on all the mobile screen sizes. Also, it will load at high speed which will enhance the customers’ experience.


A fully-hosted e-commerce platform should be your consideration if you don’t have the design skills. Also, if you have budgetary constraints, this platform is the best. It will charge you less money as compared to the self-hosted platforms.